Varvello, a family of millers for five generations

Farina Intera is patented by Varvello: a family with a long milling tradition that has always devoted itself to research and innovation.

A company with two hearts, one homemade and one industrial, combining tradition with an up-to-date approach. Thanks to its historic milling traditions, Varvello has retained an almost instinctive awareness for the quality of the grain and the naturalness of production processes. From the pioneering spirit of the region and the previous generations comes a desire to discover innovative solutions. Varvello has been at the forefront of excellence in quality and product innovation for over 70 years. It is not content with repeating practices learned from past generations, however, and prefers to use this experience as a "launching pad".

Obsessive research into excellence, a continuous drive towards innovation and a tendency towards authenticity and simplicity have provided the cornerstones of the business for generations.