What is Farina Intera®

The only white flour that keeps the high quality parts of the grain intact.

Farina Intera® flour is produced using the exclusive Lavorazione Fedele® method that retains the active fibres or wheat bran arabinoxylans while reducing the glycemic impact.

Farina Intera® at last

Modern production techniques for refining flour cause many of the grain's nutrients to be lost, depriving flours of fibres that are important for reducing their glycemic impact.
Thanks to the all natural Lavorazione Fedele® processing method, Farina Intera® renders the fibres bioavailable throughout the digestive tract, from the mouth down.

It also eliminates the woody parts that make the flour darker, restoring the white colour we are all accustomed to.

Immagine chicco a farina intera

From Integralbianco to Farina Intera

Varvello 1888's innovation was introduced to the end market in 2013 with the Integralbianco brand. Many industry professionals and consumers believed in the unique features of this product, helping its market to grow.

Integralbianco is now called Farina Intera

The same product now has a new brand to cover an increasingly expanding market, where an ever broader range of products are presented together with expert partners such as the Umberto Veronesi Foundation and the University of Gastronomic Sciences.