A combination of flours for an even better pizza

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The quintessential symbol of Italian kitchens renowned across the world, pizza is a dish that is loved by everyone. However, digestion problems, weight concerns and forced diets mean many people give it up, while the bad habits of certain pizza makers lead to frequent alarm bells in terms of health. The Farina Intera® Pizza Blend is the answer for people who do not want to choose between taste and health, as it is a special blend for highly digestible pizzas that are suitable for everyone. The high quality of the selected flours and the careful training of pizza makers are brought together to make this special recipe that produces a pizza that is crunchy and full of flavour. The outcome satisfies even the most faithful pizza lovers and makes the product first choice, even for gourmets. Try it to believe it.

High digestibility

For many, pizza is the source of irritating problems linked to its digestibility. The Farina Intera® Special Blend proposes a new mixture of ingredients and a special recipe to create light, easy to digest pizzas that are even suitable for the most intolerant among us. The presence of fibres (contained in the carefully selected flours, including Farina Intera®, a source of arabinoxylans) is the first secret for better digestion. The technical support for pizza makers also makes a difference. In fact, the hydration of the dough, the temperature and the length of leavening are crucial factors in the proper decomposition of starches and proteins, and the resulting pizza served up is tasty, fragrant and light.

The special ingredients in the Farina Intera® Special Pizza Blend are found in the dough of the best pizzerias across Italy, who serve their pizzas after a long leavening period and careful baking.


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